TRNC Entry Requirements (updated 17 January 2022)

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TRNC Entry Rules:
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The rules for people coming to TRNC from abroad as listed above. If you fail to submit a negative PCR test result on entry to the country, you will not be allowed to enter. People who need to undertake home quarantine follow the directions below.

Home quarantine procedure is as follows: 


1. Prior to travel, go to ​and pay 750 tl for home quarantine & bracelet (350 tl of this is a deposit and will be refunded when you return the bracelet). PCR/antigen test performed upon entry and at the end of quarantine is included in this price.

Note: Write down the ''acceptance code'' you receive after making the payment.


2. After payment, download ''Guvende kal'' application on to your smart phone from Apple store or Google Play Store, provide the requested information (also the code you received upon payment) and upload documents. 


Important!  : This app must be downloaded prior to travel, otherwise you will be denied entry to the TRNC. The only exception is people over 65 years old and people who were sent abroad by the Committee of Health for health reasons. These individuals are permitted to download ‘Guvende kal’ app after arriving in the TRNC.

Additional Notes: ​

  • People will be transferred to the declared place of residential address either alone in their own vehicle or with a driver. Public transport like taxi, touristic minibus which are specified by the Ministry of Finance shall also be a choice.

  • Write car registration number in the app, before starting your journey home by car.

  • You will be given 1 hour to reach your residence address.  You will receive a phone call enquiring about your whereabouts, if an additional 30 minutes after this hour has passed and you still haven't reached your destination.

  • Once you arrive at your address of residency, do not forget to confirm your arrival via the app.


  • Those people who fail to obey the rules of the home quarantine shall be prosecuted and taken to government quarantine where the expenses are covered by the person/s. 

  • PCR test results and quarantine fees shall not be requested from children in the 0-5 age group who will enter the country​

  • PCR test results shall only be accepted in Turkish, French, and English.​

  • The PCR submission date is calculated as 3 days before the boarding date. When calculating the time the date on , the test result documents of the passengers and the travel date, is sufficient, there is no need to make a hourly calculation.​

  • PCR test results obtained 4 days or more days before the travel date shall not be considered valid for entry to the country. People who submit out of date tests may not enter the country. For transit flights the start of the journey is the boarding time of initial plane. ​

  • People coming from Turkey Only - who  buy airline tickets in order to come the country, airline companies shall check their HES codes before issuing the tickets. People who are determined to have been in contact or who are covid-19 positive on their HES codes will not be issued with a ticket. Punishment action within the scope of the infectious diseases law shall be taken against companies that issue tickets to people who are found to be either COVID-19 positive or a contact case on the HES code after testing positive on the 2nd PCR test in the country

  • Passengers coming from Turkey to TRNC are required to have QR code on the PCR test results. 

  • Those who do not have the QR code on their documents will not be allowed to enter TRNC and will be sent back.  To avoid this situation PCR test results and the QR codes will be checked by the airlines companies before boarding.  ​

  • UK Passengers Only - The NHS tests of those passengers who are arriving from United Kingdom to Ercan airport shall be accepted at the entry. Those passengers who are unable to print their test results shall be able to submit the SMS sent by NHS. Also all COVID-19 tests made by the universities of TRNC national students that are studying in the United Kingdom are valid, this application is limited to United Kingdom only. ​

  • TRNC citizens who are visiting Turkey for short trip may submit the original TRNC  PCR test on their return if it is less than 3 days old. Those people shall be subjected to 10 days quarantine. 

For detailed information about the process, you can visit 

It is forbidden for TRNC citizen to fly to charter flights (but citizens who have dual nationality can enter TRNC providing they submit proof of address of their country of residency. Those people who fail to obey the rules shall be taken to the central quarantine where the expenses are covered by the participants). 


Home Quarantine App ''Guvende Kal'' (see image)

Tip: To convert the website to English, click on the menu lines in the top right corner and choose the English option at the bottom of the menu list.

You need a smartphone or tablet to download the app.

​​​UK Specific Rules 
The Government have now confirmed that UK NHS test results are valid, but as they do not show the date when the test was taken, you need the email confirming the appointment date (or other document such as doctor’s letter) showing the test date in addition to the test result.  UK private tests generally show the required information and are also valid. A printout of the results is preferred, but an SMS from the NHS will also suffice.  Covid-19 tests conducted by UK universities are also valid (4.12.20)

Under the Infectious Diseases Act, legal action will be taken against any individual who does not comply with the above.  Penalties for breach are shown here.

Extra rules for those travelling to the TRNC from Turkey (excludes transit passengers)

Travel agents have additional responsibilities for those travelling from Turkey. Before issuing passengers with tickets for flight or ferry travel, they must first check the person’s HES code (Turkey’s track and trace app, which also serves as a permit for individuals to move from city to city, or to use public transport). 

If the HES code shows the person is Covid-19 positive or has recently come into contact with a person with coronavirus, then a travel ticket cannot be issued. Should an infected person enter North Cyprus from Turkey and the HES code indicated they were positive or high risk, the travel agent will be prosecuted for breaking the TRNC’s Criminal Code and its Communicable Diseases Law. 
In addition, people taking PCR tests in Turkey must ensure their results have a QR code. Any tests from Turkey without a QR code will be deemed invalid and the person not be permitted to enter the TRNC. 
The requirement for QR-coded PCR test results affects all passengers departing from Turkey. However, transit passengers (including Turkish citizens) are exempt from this rule. 

To prevent any problems, airline and shipping companies will check the QR codes prior to passengers boarding. If the QR code cannot be scanned, the laboratory number on the document and the last four digits of the identification number / passport number will be used on the e-Nabiz system to check the validity of the COVID-19 result. 
Passengers should ensure they have printouts of their PCR test results and present their document to health officials on arrival at Ercan Airport or another TRNC border check point. 

Source: Notam N0170/21 24.5.2021 

              Saglik Bakanligi/Ministry of Health briefings




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