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Postal Services

The postal service here is run by TRNC Postal Office which has 34 branches in all major cities, towns and villages.  The link below, lists all the branches and their contact information: 

Normal Post Office working hours are shown below, some small branches, may have shorter working hours. 


Branch opening hours may not be the same as Branch parcel acceptance & delivery hours. Please contact your local branch to find out the times.


When sending letters from abroad it is important that they are correctly addressed, see below the postal address is via Mersin 10 Turkey and the postcode should be included, these are not individual address codes, but relate to fairly large areas. 

Ensure senders do not include ‘’Cyprus’’ in the address or it will be sent to the South of the island, who will just return it and it will need to be re-sent from the original location. 

Example address with postcode: 

123 Abc Sokak 

Karakum, Girne (Kyrenia) 

Mersin 10 



A list of all the postcode can be found here 

Post can be collected from your local post office, there are yellow PO Boxes in many Post Offices, although there is often a waiting list for renting them.  If you rent a box and don’t need it please hand it back to the staff who can then rent it out again!   


Post offices sell stamps which you will need for posting letters as well as any official documentation.  When you are buying stamps for official document purposes, ensure you purchase the plain stamps, not the special edition stamps as these are often not accepted by Government Departments. 


You can find all current postal charges here - 


Beware the prices are in Turkish, however your local postal office can advise you regarding prices. 

Post can be sent on standard or registered/tracked mail, the latter being a more fail-safe way of sending post as it can be tracked.  The TRNC Post Office Service has even set up an online “Track and Trace” service to allow residents to check the delivery status of any items ordered simply by entering the barcode number shown on an order receipt. To find out more about the tracking service, please contact your local post office.  Link for the tracking service can be found here. 


The Post Office a range of services: 

Domestic Post – letters can be delivered throughout the island 

Surface Overseas Mail (by land & sea) - mail transportation is done by ferry through our port city Famagusta. This service is divided into two groups: Turkey and other countries

International Air Mail - transportation is carried out via Nicosia Ercan Airport, with contracted airlines.  Overseas air mail transportation to Turkey is sent to Adana, Ankara and Istanbul Postal Directorates. Post to the rest of the World is provided through the TC Post Directorate in Istanbul (European Side Postal Processing Centre).

Postal fees are set according to criteria accepted by the International Postal Union.  Countries are separated by four charge groups based on distances. The groups are:  


Group I - Middle East, European Countries, North Africa, India and Pakistan 

Group II - U.S., African Countries outside the North African Country, China and Japan  

Group III - Far Eastern Countries and Australia. 


Small Package Service - shipping of items <2 kg in weight. 


Parcel Service – shipping of items >2 kg in weight.

Rapid Mail Service (APS) – this is a special service established to ensure that shipments reach their recipients quickly, usually within 3 days.


Remittances include both domestic and international postal remittance services. 


Registered Mail Service -  
Domestic and international postal shipments can be sent as registered mail at an extra cost, (see below) and the recipient must sign to receive it.

Express Courier Service- 
Shipments marked with special courier (EXPRESS), have an important place in postal transportation by being delivered urgently to recipients with a courier. There is an extra charge for this service. 


Return Mail Service - some incoming mail cannot be delivered to the recipient for a variety of reasons (see below). Such letters are returned to the sender, giving the reason for non-delivery, provided a return address has been provided.   

Reasons for the return of letters are usually due to the following: Incomplete address, Wrong address, Rejected letters, Recipient has died, Defective packaging, Letters missing stamps (even if the sender's address is known), if the recipient or sender has moved to a new address.


Sending mail to the TRNC

If you want to send a letter or parcel from the UK, go to They offer 3 main international services; Standard, Tracked and Tracked & Signed. For Tracked and Tracked & Signed, you are supplied with a tracking number, which you can use to follow your delivery until it gets to Istanbul. After it reaches Turkey, Royal Mail offer the option to view the progress of your letter/parcel on the Turkish Tracking System in Turkish or you can ask your local post office and they will check it for you. Tracked Mail usually takes roughly 10-15 working days to arrive. Tracked services are generally a more reliable method of insuring your post arrives safely in the TRNC.


The postal service releases Special Edition Stamps, several times per year.  The Postal Department (KKTC Posta Dairesi) website, has information about special edition stamps and when they will be available for public sale. 


The Postal Department also has a Philatelist Section which collectors can contact to receive limited editions and special first day covers.  The website is in Turkish, however you can use google translate to convert it to English. 


Phone: 0392 228 3646, 


Address: 17, Posta Street Nicosia, Mersin-10 TURKEY.                    

For the stamp order form click here.

Cargo Companies

There are a few cargo companies that offer domestic and international post/package shipment. Some of these are:

Yurtici Kargo

MNG Kargo

TNT Kargo

UPS Kargo

DHL Kargo

All have offices in Lefkosa, some in Girne and Famagusta. Branch addresses are available on their websites.


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